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Director, Securities Lending
Fran Garritt

Associate Manager
Kimberly Collins, CMP

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RMA’s Committee on Securities Lending was formed in 1983. In its early years, it embarked on a series of educa­tional programs designed to enhance the professionalism of bankers engaged in securities lending. The following programs have been developed by SL professionals to reflect the latest issues in the industry: · Introduction to Securities Lending · Advanced Topics in Securities Lending · Understanding Collateral Management RMA also serves the securities lending industry by organ­izing networking and peer sharing events for industry pro­fessionals to discuss the latest challenges in the market: Round Tables • Securities Lending Institutional Contacts’ Round Table • Securities Lending Operations and Technology Managers’ Round Table Two Major Conferences • RMA Conference on Securities Finance and Collateral Management • RMA & PASLA Conference on Asian Securities Lending, jointly sponsored by RMA and the Pan Asian Securities Lending Association (PASLA) based in Hong Kong. Survey: The RMA Securities Lending Council and its member institutions have developed an aggregate composite survey that measures various performance indicators within the securities lending marketplace. The Council maintains an active dialogue and helps to coordinate industry initiatives with other associations, including The Securities Industry Financial Markets Association’s (SIFMA) Securities Lending Division, International Securities Lending Association (ISLA), and Pan Asian Securities Lending Association (PASLA). The Council also discusses industry issues with regula­tors in the U.S. and internationally. As a professional as­sociation with extensive contacts in the industry, RMA regularly facilitates meetings with senior level officials of regulatory agencies.