Goldman Sachs Agency Lending

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Plumtree Court, 25 Shoe Lane, London, EC4A 4AU
United Kingdom

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Global Financial Services Firm
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Executive Director
Michael Furnival
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Executive Director
Ryan Watt
+44 207 051 8514

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Clients in our agency lending program (“Goldman Sachs Agency Lending” or “GSAL”) grant us the authority to lend their securities on a fully collateralized basis to a client-approved list of broker-dealers/banks to achieve incremental returns on their assets. Market participants include pension plans, endowments, foundations, mutual funds, insurance companies and investment management firms. We possess the scale typically associated with a large custody program while maintaining the benefits of a specialized third-party lending agent. Our platform differentiators include: a bespoke service model, program customization, a value-over-volume approach, a dedicated application development team, and the institutional resources of Goldman Sachs. We partner with clients across the globe and are active in 30+ lending markets. For more information, please contact us at